The Company


The company, named I.S.M. LTD, was founded in 1984 by Geom. Sergio Monti, and began its activities in the restructuring field in civil and industrial sectors, specialising in reinforcements, structural updating and monument restoration. The company will continue to grow, always searching for the excellence that will be the basis of all future business strategies. In 2004, with the arrival of new business partners, one of which studies Engineering and Architecture, the company becomes Monti e C.Costruzioni S.r.l., adding construction and new furniture sales to its company objects.

The company’s profound renewal in the last decade, thanks to a well-balanced mix of youth and experience, combined an amalgam of a team that has developed significant experience in various construction sectors, leading to a rise in the quality of work, services, and the range on offer, including paints, plasterboard, decorations, restorations, and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance at 360 degrees.

Through this progressive growth and evolution, the company has firmly maintained the principles of its thirty-year mission, expressed through its widespread presence on the regional territory, with a staff of 15 selected and trained employees, and a traditional vocation "craft" which meets the needs of the most varied of customers: private, Business and Public administration. It is for this reason that we have obtained many certifications including SOA in 2013.

This modern and strategic vision, accompanied by continuous investment and aimed at equipment, vehicles and training, has allowed us to significantly and decisively elevate efficiency standards, the degree of professionalism of employees and collaborators, and encounter the continuous growing appreciation from all customers.